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2019 Cohort

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Jade McMorland

Title: O&M modelling for existing and novel floating wind turbines

Jade is a PhD student within the WAMSS CDT at the University of Strathclyde. Jade completed her BEng hons in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Strathclyde before joining the CDT. Her PhD is looking at the development of operation and maintenance strategies for the next generation of offshore wind farms. This involves looking at new innovative technology solutions such as floating wind and multi-rotor systems. Her work involves analysing the market impact on operations.

2020 Cohort

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Title: Aerodynamic Blockage Effects in a Multi-Rotor Array

I’m Angus. I joined the CDT after a Physics Master’s at Strathclyde, and am now studying the aerodynamics of a multi-rotor wind turbine composed of 96 vertical-axis rotors. I hope to model and optimise both the flow concentration effects and a power benefit obtained from adjacent rotors rotating in opposite directions.

Angus Buck

2021 Cohort

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Title: Challenges of integrating large capacities of offshore wind into the GB electricity system by 2050

Currently a PhD student in the WAMSS CDT at the University of Strathclyde. PhD focused on addressing the challenges of integrating large capacties of offshore wind into the GB electricity system by 2050. Previous degrees include a BEng in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, and an MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering from Heriot-Watt University. 

Shanay Skellern

2022 Cohort

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John Harris 

Title: Design of critical structural details, using novel materials and manufacturing methods, for floating wind semi-submersible sub structures - with the goal of extending the design life to 60 years. 

Graduating with an MEng in Civil Engineering from the University of Strathclyde, Johns interest lies within structural engineering and he will hence be doing structures related research, under the Naval Architecture and Offshore Marine Engineering department, for the WAMESS CDT.

2023 Cohort

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Ross Clark

Title: Data digitalization  

Ross graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2023, where he completed a Theoretical Physics MSci degree. His master’s project involved applying machine learning for fast energy demand prediction, which furthered his interest in data science and computational modelling. At the CDT, Ross will collaborate with Siemens Gamesa on a PhD project involving data & digitalisation

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